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Frank the Farmer


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Frank is as busy as a bee! There is never a shortage of weeds to pull, plants to water and veggies to harvest on Franks farm!


Frank the farmer with plant themed display base

Garden with one (1) red flowering plant, one (1) tomato like plant, brown and green garden base and 2x6 green grass extension with Three (3) 1x2 brown plates to connect grass extension

Extra plant parts (front, center)

Franks tools: one (1) spear (to be what ever tool you like), a hoe (It looks like a brown stick with a gray end in the picture) and a sickle like tool    

Weed barrel (on Frank's left) to collect and transport all those troublesome weeds! (two (2) weed pieces in the barrel)  

I think this would be a great start to any LEGO collection! It would also work well in a medieval setting. 

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