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Trial Truck


Trial Truck



This truck is inspired by the Tatra trail trucks.


This model is intended to be a display collecting toy.

It’s not built minifig – scale, however it can host up to 3 minifigs and is ready to play with.


Exterior features:

  • 8WD off – road tires and wheels;
  • V16 turbodiesel engine;
  • Dual longpipe Exhaust system;
  • Light racks;
  • Underbody protection;
  • Trailer hitch;
  • Flat cargo bed;
  • Side access ladders to cargo area;
  • Fluorescent lights;


Interior features:

  • Three seats cabin;
  • Adjustable steering wheel;
  • Gauges console;
  • Handlebar for the passengers;


Playability features:

  • Tilting suspension system;
  • Front and rear steering wheels with lockable rear steering;
  • Removable cabin roof for easier access;


Pros and cons:

+          when you had leg day and don’t want to do the stairs, try this.

-           you can’t set the best lap time on the nurburgring with this thing.


brick counter and difficulty:

662 bricks, medium - hard building difficulty.



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