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3D Mural Project - The Underworld


Hi Lego Fans! I recently decided to use Lego bricks as a medium to create what I call 3D murals: basically the front will look like a normal graffiti style mural with symbols, but when the model is rotated, the mural will come to life in 3D at the back, creating a very interesting visual art form. I foresee this medium to be good for many abstract sculptures.

What I have decided to do as a trial is the concept of the Underworld. There is a very characteristic red and white on black colour motif -- the first symbol is a flame, then a lesser known poplar tree which drips dew into the Lethe (inspired by Greek mythology) and then there is a characteristic red pitchfork.

As the model is rotated, the flame will come to life as a 3D fire with more details such as colour gradients. I particularly enjoyed doing the shadow gradients for the poplar tree.

Let me know what you guys think about such an art form and what other concepts I should do! Thanks and hope you guys will appreciate such art and support this project! (:

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