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Robin Hood: Battle at the walls of Nottingham

       Welcome to the Kingdom of                               Nottingham!

This project was inspired by the legendary medieval story of a robber named Robin Hood. After studying the history of the legend and the artwork, I decided to build the great Nottingham Castle. The castle is not like classic medieval castles, I wanted to make it unique in order to be different from other representatives of medieval architecture.

• 1328 pieces
• 7 minifigures
• 27 × 25 × 24

                 About the project
There are many interesting places in the set:
• Sheriff's throne room
• Sheriff's Pantry
• Fish shop Marty
• tower

Robin Hood is a medieval legend that has remained in the hearts of millions of people. I decided to capture this story in my project. You can choose your character category:
•Sheriff and his team
•Robin Hood and his associates •Peasants (in the set there are fishermen Marty)

This set includes 1328 pieces and 7 minifigures. The project is based on Nottingham Castle, its surroundings and internal structure, the project reveals many interesting stories:
• You can run the state.
• You can get food (eg fish)
• Fight forest bandits
• Or play as bandits and remove the sheriff from the throne.

This is where you create legends ...

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