Product Idea |

The Green Diamond


Introducing the Green Diamond! A Robotic-Alien Space Ship! It holds one Alien Robot Minifigure, the Green Diamond has one Laser Cannon In Front. And a Compartment for the Alien Robots Laser. It is called the Green Diamond because the shape of the ship is shaped like a Diamond and it is green.

Next is the Double Laser Cannon, It shoots spring loaded darts and the Cannon can move up and down. The Minifigure is a Man in a Yellow Suit. He has a Laser Gun too, for self defense against the Aliens. Also the Alien has a Laser Gun.

The Idea was from my imagination of how a fleet of aliens attacked the earth and I thought of their space ships as Diamond Shaped.

The purpose is to let your imagination free. Imagination can help while building something from LEGO bricks