Product Idea

Gravitron Exploration


Gravitron is an extremely hard ground planet, no drill can extract these coveted Gravit ores which, once enriched gives Gravitium.

The only way to harvest is to wait for the impact of a meteorite that expels the surface ores.

Gravitium is clean energy, it powers the new anti-gravity spacecraft engines and also increases the exploration capacity in the universe.

A space base has been created on this planet.


To act quickly, landing catwalk were created and astronaut teams are posted 8 hours.

The first team composed of Matt the mechanic, Barry the crane operator, Diana the landing operator and Jason the pilot takes care of the number 1.

An LL2018 scout will monitor the location of future impacts and call the ore collection team.

A radar antenna will detect any attempt to approach an enemy spaceship, the flying supervisor robot will detect any approach to the ground.


A meteorite impact has just occurred, the team is on alert to get the LL2018 off the ground as quickly as possible to protect the ores from enemies Blacktrons .

Will Jason arrive before them?



  • LL2018

The cockpit opens, the landing gear is folding and there are 2 small hold at the rear.

He has 2 anti Blacktron missiles to defend himself in case of attack.


  • FSR01

Flying robot supervisor protects astronauts and oversees the maintenance of the catwalk.


  • The catwalk 1

The catwalk allows the LL2018 to land because the ground is too craggy.

A staircase allows the astronauts to climb, a small crane can mount the gravitium barrels for refueling the LL2018.


  • Antenna

She is equipped with a radar for space and has 6 mini digital antennas for communication with the base, the astronauts and the FSR01.


  • Number of pieces  with minifigs : 1203
  • 4 minifigs

This model was built using LEGO digital designer.




Length:  27,1cm
Width:  25,5cm
Height:  28,5cm


Fan of the space gamme since childhood, I create my own models on LEGO Digital Designer and created a world of adventure.


Thank you in advance to all those who will support this project.

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