Product Idea

EXPO Israel Pavilion

The set presents the reproduction of the EXPO israel pavilion.

Theme "The Fields of Tomorrow"

Israel is a Country that is young, but with a tradition of three thousand years which through work, research and development has been able to transform much of its mostly arid land into fertile terrain. This dedication over seventy years has allowed it to become one of the leading countries in the field of science and innovation.
Expo Milano 2015 represents an opportunity for Israel to provide visitors the skills acquired in these years, like a huge "granary of knowledge."
Inside Israel’s pavilion, which covers a total area of 2,369 square meters, thanks to the best tools and methods of edutainment, the visitor is instantly immersed in a powerful visual experience that illustrates a wonderful journey through its agricultural engineering with a look into the future of mankind.
The pavilion is divided into four areas. Its key feature, designed by architect David Knafo, is the "vertical garden": a wall,70 meters long and 12 meters high, fully decorated with living plants, whose flowers and colors will change with the passing of the seasons. It a spectacle of strong visual impact that allows the Country to free itself from the image of an arid land.

The reference to vegetation symbolizes the Country's leading position in the agri-food sector and in the fight againstdesertification. Over the years, great strides have been made through the use of innovative and technologically advanced solutions, the optimization of water resources and the land fill.
The Pavilion is built to offer visitors an immersive experience divided into two phases. The first space, using 3D movies and multi-directional effects, illustrates the history of agriculture in Israel from its beginnings to the present day. One of the films recounts the program of reforestation of Israel led by the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF). In the second space, a tapestry of bright LEDs dance in every direction.
With its open kitchen and traditional background music inside a brightly colored restaurant, Israel makes clear its desire to impress visitors with the fruits of the earth, tradition and inventiveness.
The set consists of about 287 pieces

Size 48 X 10 H 6 cm

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