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Micro Medieval Mansion


Straight from the micro-medieval world comes the Micro Medieval Mansion. This well detailed mini-mansion is most likely occupied by a lord of the land and his family, the upper-class of the medieval times. This mini build would be a great addition to either the Architecture or Castle LEGO themes.

This is a simple build of only 58 bricks, but is well detailed for a micro-build. And though it does not have many pieces, the bricks are about average size, which makes it too large for a promotional set, yet too small for a regular set. I would estimate that it would sell for somewhere between $5 - $10.

The model is built on a 6x12 baseplate, and does not include any minifigs.

Thanks for checking this out! If you have any questions, please post a comment and I will try to reply ASAP. If you like this, then check out my other projects at

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