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Modern Art Gallery

Expanding my modular city I reached a point where I needed an object which closes the gap between two buildings that are shifted by half an ordinary groundplate (16 studs).

While such an offset is unusual for grid based street networks of modern cities it is a substantial element in historic districts of ancient towns.

To care for the needed association with old cities and buildings the side entrance is framed by a neo-classical brick structure and located two steps above street level.

The gallery itself is designed as a modification of one wing of the old building, inheriting its former structure but totally cleared out and dressed with a plain modern face. Even the floor was lowered to street level.

Therefore the name of my modular building is „Modern Art Gallery“ standing for both the style of the renewed part of the house and the shown paintings at the gallery.

Top of the building is a fashionably furnished appartment completing the image.

The gallery is an adequate option to show some of my real paintings en miniature.

I really love it!

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