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Mini-Dolls, Large Scale Character Frame.


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Aloha internet!
I'm a five year veteran of of the online community, and one of the four gentlemen that was on the design team of the highly acclaimed Thinking With Portals project.

I've developed a character figure that I like to call the Minidoll. Built on a simple modular frame, the Minidoll System draws very heavily from anime art and costume design, and can include characters from a huge variety of themes and stories. With minor modifications to the outer shell, the Minidoll System can become a male or female character with any number of costumes and accessories. The frame is hugely versatile, and is only limited by how far your imagination can stretch!
With this project, I'm proposing a kit that includes bricks for the frame, and then pieces to build multiple costumes to modify the frame. 

A list of ideas for skins/costumes that could be included with the kit are as follows.
Little Red Riding Hood
Sleeping Beauty
Peter Pan
Little Miss Muffet
Hansel and Gretel
Prince Charming
Robin Hood
Bad Witch (Various Films)
Pied Piper
Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk)
Snow White
The examples seen here are all fairytale characters, but the frame can be used for many different genres.

The images I've included within the project are all built on the frame, and really show how different each character can be using the same basic design principles.
See if you can recognize any of the characters in the secondary pictures! There's two or three faces that should be familiar to any internet goer!

Thank you for looking, and supporting!

If this project is something that you'd like to see become an official product, share the word with your friends, family, co-workers, and even that guy holding the burger sign on the corner!

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