Product Idea

Christmas Wands 'n' Wheels

Ho! Ho! Ho! Let’s take disability out of the toy hospital sets and into the Christmas grotto!

Think outside the brick box! Mix up the minifigures. Add some fluffy white beards, sparkly capes, twinkly tiaras, wands, white canes and whizzy wheel magic!

Let’s put some wheelchair vroom vroom in the toy box for Christmas and help generations of kids (both with and without disabilities), grow up with a more positive attitude to human difference. There are 150 million kids with disabilities worldwide who never see themselves represented in toys. Let's make this the last Christmas. Next year can be better! 

If Christmas Wands ‘n’ Wheels makes 10k votes I promise to don my white beard, wave my wand and do the conga up and down the Lego aisle of Toys R Us to celebrate! I’ll be chucking bricks around like confetti and doing a skippedy yippedy dance for days!