Product Idea

Zoo series, Meerkat Enclosure


Thanks for taking your time to view my project! This project will be one of a few that will make up a small Lego zoo I decided to start with the meerkat enclosure as I wanted to start with an animal Lego does not currently have, originally a brick built creature I decided to put the Lego chihuahua dog model instead as it fits a little better to the mini figure scale the brick built one isn't much taller but its up to you which one you want to be used in the comments.

This set comes with 5 meerkats, and 3 mini figures a young girl visitor and here dad and a zoo keeper! Most Lego zoo series set will come with a  zoo keeper, visitors and animals as well as an enclosure however smaller ones may come with 2 enclosures and 2 animal types and of course I have not forgotten the zoo's entrance.

Hope you like all the little details and the hole in the side of the mound is hollow with 3x2x2 space inside and the tree on the mound is pose able along with its branches and leaves so you can pose it to your hearts content!

I hope you enjoyed my project and support it, 

more sets will be coming soon so stay tuned!

(Probably Ostrich and Zebra next)


Thanks again,