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Falcon Heavy


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This is a 1:76 scale model of SpaceX Falcon 9FT and Falcon Heavy together with (optionally transparent) payload fairing, Dragon and Dragon 2 spacecraft. It was designed to feature as many original features as possible and maintain the aspect ratio of individual components as closely as possible.

Currently, it is one of 3 Falcon designs available on LEGO Ideas. It does, however, have a few benefits over others.

  • Each booster has a 6x6 footprint and is over one meter tall (with second stage and payload fairing) when assembled!
  • F9 rockets are readily stackable to Falcon Heavy configuration
  • Landing legs and grid fins are at the 45-degree to the main booster axis, just as in the original
  • Dragon and Dragon 2 capsules have quite a few parts and could easily be packaged as separate sets
  • The payload fairing provides generous space for some more satellite designs

I really hope you enjoy this one.

For comparison, please check out the competing designs:

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