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Lost in Space Chariot


Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Lost in Space Chariot.

Way back in the 1960's when the space race was at its height, the Robinson family blasted off for a series of wild adventures which led them to being marooned on a desert planet far away. In one of the very first episodes 'There Were Giants' the family broke out the chariot and headed south to escape the intense heat of summer. Along the way they had to pass through a region inhabited by giant Cyclops monsters who did their best to squash the intruders with large boulders.

That episode as stayed in the minds of every fan of this iconic TV show and has been immortalised in comics and toys.

Forget Star Trek, Lost in Space had it all - Monsters in rubber suits, a ship that looked like a flying saucer and the unforgettable Robot B9.

Oh, and Doctor Smith. But he was a baddie so he doesn't get a look-in in this project.

Model has reclining seats, removable luggage, detailed engine compartment and holder for upper half of robot inside cabin.

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