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GHOSTBUSTERS HQ Midiscale version



So since i built my version of the famous Ghostbusters headquarter in 2012:

i have seen a lot of other HQs by other builders on the web.

Just recently the HQ on this platform received the 10000 supports.

Still my feeling is that it needs a bit more to make this into a real set.

So this is my approach to do so!

The model features all important things you would expect:

- a 4 wide Ecto 1

- all 4 Ghostbusters (they fit into Ecto-1)

- Ghostcompartmentsystem under the stairs

- modular floors

-Interior of all rooms


The whole building is on 16 x 40 studs!

I do not know how many parts are in the model,

but it shouldn´t be to bad to sell for a pricepoint that is matching the LEGO IDEAS setprices.

I am looking forward to your feedback and if you also think this needs to be made!

With kind regards

Alex Jones


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