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Undertale - Omega Flowey Battle


Petal projectiles

Update time! In this update, i added three of those missiles that have Flowey's face on them. (Face coming soon)


More movement = much more difficult battle

I am happy to tell you that I have updated the movement of the model!I added more finger movement...I added a ball joint at the elbow...And a much better face! (sorry for the blurry image)

I will probably have more updates on my model in the future!


Fight or Mercy?

Guess what? Now you need to choose whether to spare or defeat Flowey!


New figures!

This update will include not just a new Chara figure, but a Mystery Man (W.D. Gaster) figure. This "Gaster" figure will be a special figure that will only be included in half of the produced sets.

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