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Rio Olympics 2016


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This is the Rio Olympics 2016 set. In this set you can play 11 sports and swich on the Olympics torch.

The set include a Rio Olympics logo, whit the 5 circle(Australia is blue, Asia is yellowh, Africa is black, Europe is green and America is red), the Olympics torch, a plate for run, relay and javelin throw, a plate for high jump and jump with rod, the plate for swimming, the plate for kayak races, a plate for fencing, a plate for long jump, a plate for the new olympics sport: the golf, the podium and a dressing room or gadget shop. In this set there are 14 minifigure:the photographer, the competition judge, the competition assistent, 2 pharamedics, an injured, 2players of fencing, a player of golf, a swimmer, 2 jumpers and 2 kayak drivers. The minifigure are separated in 5 team( Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and America). The set has got 1230 pieces.

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