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Leaf Eating Giraffe.


    My creation is a giraffe eating leaves off a tree.  My giraffe is special because it uses a lot of tan bricks. My tree is special because it is really tall.  For the tree I used two leaf bricks on each other at the very top. Also my giraffe is a little white on the legs while the rest of him is tan and brown. The name of my giraffe is “Hungry”.  I built it because a lego giraffe was a good idea so I made it.  I made a tree because I wanted the giraffe to eat something. I also wanted to make something simple.  I want people to build a unique lego giraffe and a tree.  There is no lego giraffe set with a tree. I think it would be a good lego set because a lot of lego giraffe fans would like my creation. It would be easy to make. All kids, teenagers, anybody any age, and grown-ups around the world would enjoy my creation. Also I did not make it too big or too small, I made It a medium size.  Same with the tree. I hope kids will find it fun to play with. Please hopefully make it real lego set. This is only the beginning, in the future I want to make a zoo. With “lions and tigers”, “Zack the zebra”, and also “Ruben the rhino”. I think Lego should make a zoo because kids would learn and have fun.

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