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Bestle-Rook War Frigate


     Bestle Engineering's take on the traditional Rook frigate. Like most RDA designs, the frigate is constructed in a boxy, efficient shape. A traditional horizontal bridge is traded for a vertical alignment, with metal grates allowing communication between stations. The ship has eight antifighter/antiprojectile flak cannons on the sides, capable of wide arcs in the vertical and horizontal. Each side also has small bays of missile turrets designed to take out larger targets. Both the antifighter and antivessel turrets are short-ranged, and are compensated by four heavy cannons on the bow. Additionally, there are four retreat cannons on the stern. Four boxy engine modules encompass the two rear windowed cabins.

     All gen 1 and gen 2 RDA frigates are named on chess pieces based on appearance or purpose. The Bestle-Rook is the "castle" of the fleet. While the Bishop is built for speed and distance, the rook is built for equal defense and offense. Speed and mobility are sacrificed, so surprise attacks are unlikely. Aside from a more efficient redesign of the chassis, Bestle's contribution was to remove the vulnerable broadside cannons in exchange for a smaller array of powerful missile turrets in a recessed cavity. Older modules such as the engines, escape pods, and heavy forward cannons were retained from the older Rook. The frigate is much cheaper to produce than specialist vessels, and now makes up the bulk of the RDA armada. Despite the redesign, the technology is still decades behind IMC standards, and must rely on many countermeasure modules for protection. Unlike specialist frigates such as the IMC's Magni, the flak cannons on the Bestle-Rook are more than enough to support itself against fighters as well as frigates or corvettes.

     I've included renders of the model, with a few LDD screenshots of some key areas. The model os very large, but a redesign with less pieces could make a suitable centerpiece for any future space-themed IP. The skeleton is composed of technic and brick pieces. Besides the logo, the ship is not based on any existing IP. Renders were made with POV-Ray. The engine modules were re-purposed from another model I based off a movie. Try to guess which. :)

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