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Azure Angel

In the TV series Star Wars: Clone Wars (not to be confused with Star Wars: The Clone Wars from 2008), Anakin Skywalker piloted a custom starfighter named the Azure Angel. This ship was a modified Delta-7B fighter featuring superior weaponry and a hyperdrive, unlike the regular variant. Being one of the most important starships featured in the TV mini-series, the Azure Angel would satisfy any Lego Star Wars fan or collector. The minifigures which would appear in this set would be Anakin Skywalker (a new Star Wars: Clone Wars variant), Anakin's R4 astromech, and Commander Fordo (the ARC trooper captain who lead the Muunilinst 10). The model's total piece count (minifigures not included) is currently 318 parts.

An alternate view of the fighter.

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