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Fighter-bomber Spacecraft


General descriprion

Here is a future spacecraft module, which consists of the fighter-bomber spacecraft and the service complex. The service structure is provided with the launch-landing pad, folding pilot boarding stair, ground-based navigation-communication system and service engineer. The full set consists of 600 pieces.

Fighter-bomber spacecraft

The fighter-bomber spacecraft is armed with 4 coupled laser guns and 2 universal missiles. The laser guns are able to move and placed to provide the attack or defence in most directions. The missiles are fixed but it is easy to remove them. This property allows to simulate a launch of missiles in a game.

The fighter is equipped with 3 different kind of engines. The coupled engines from the both sides of the spacecraft are moveable and may be positioned in different directions. They are supposed to be used for the launch and landing routine, for the flight in the athmosphere as well as for the correction of the vehicles curs in space. Also they are supposed to be applied for the shunting during a battle. In addition there are 4 mid-flight engines and 1 hyperdrive at the back side of the fighter.

The cockpit of the spacecraft can be opened in two different manner depending on the game requirements. There is a possibility to load or remove the pilot from the cockpit.

Service structure.

Launch-landing pad consists of 3 landing traps, 2 folding masts to fix the spacecraft on the pad as well as 2 combinations of landing shock absorbers and launch flame deflection structures.

The pilot boarding stair is moveable. It provides access of the pilot to the cockpit when the spacecraft is docked and is supposed to be removed by the rotation for the launch of the spaceship.

The ground based navigation-communication system has a radar which is able to rotate in both horizontal and vertical directions. The communication module is provided with 2 spherical antennas.

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