Product Idea |

Wizard's Room

The Build:
This build features a wizard entering his room where he stores all his magical items. Against the back wall, there is a spider. Next to the spider there is a bookshelf with two shelves full of books. Next to the bookcase there is a stack of books because the bookshelf had no more room. As you move along the wall perpendicular to the bookshelf, there is a small cage containing a yellow frog for the wizard to experiment on. On top of the cage, there are four upright bottles containing magical liquids. One bottle has spilled and its contents are dripping onto the floor. Just past the cage, there is a rat and a few plants growing. In the other half of the build, there is a small table containing a torch, wedge of cheese, bread, and a goblet of wine. There are also two display cases also containing magical items. One display case has fallen over and its orange contents are flaming on the ground. Pieces of glass from the shattered covering litter the floor. In each corner, there is torch attached to the wall. 

I built this because I have always been a fan of LEGO Castle and the ideas that it entails. I love fantasy worlds and this build displays what a wizard's room might look like. 

Playable Features:
This would be a good LEGO set because it allows for playability. All items in the room can be easily removed and substituted for every desire. The base provides an open playable room that can have all structures removed and replaced for a whole different theme, or to enhance the current theme.

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