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Old Lighthouse

In the vast expanses of the Mediterranean sea, near Spain, on a small cliff stands the old lighthouse. The lighthouse Keeper is an old man Gerard Aspas: a researcher and astronomer. Once upon a time, when as a young man served in the Royal Spanish Navy, he became interested of the space: he wanted to explore every constellation, to describe every star. And now, after retiring, he decided to realize his dream...
To create this project I was inspired by many different resources on the Internet and movies (e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean).
This project consists of 2203 bricks and 1 minifigure lighthouse Keeper.
The roof is easily removed, the lifting mechanism is fully functioning. Lighthouse blank inside.
I hope you enjoyed
P.S.: If this project gets 2500 supporters in the update I will reveal to you the secret of how I build the round tower in LDD :D
Brick On Everyone!

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