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Minion Rush: Gru's Lab

In minion voice: "Cuusoo?" "Ahhhh, Cuusoo" "Hahahahahaha!"


Hi, 2gherkins here. This is my production of the running game inspired by the fantastic Despicable Me 2. It includes all the obstacles that could fit, as well as bananas and a minion that needs a face :( .

Here all all the things included, I'm still working on the fart gun and the balls that come rocketing at you - they are tricky to build in LEGOs. Here is a list of what is in the pic above: speed [ad, minion, plates to set it up on, the lasers that you have to duck under, the lasers that go across the screen, spinning saw, an climbable pipe and an un-climbable pipe, 8 bananas with stands, two small missiles and two large missiles, and three black things to hook the two pads together.

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