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B movie Battles: The Eight Legged Enemy!


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After being exposed to a nuclear radioactive waste, Ordinary brown spiders started to grow to tremendous size, spurring them on a mindless rampage through downtown Corman! They must be stopped!

Entomologist Dr. Alan Crawshaw has hatched a plan to stop them. Using a specially devised mixture of spider pheromones, he will lure the beasts into the valley and when they are in place, the Army will blow the old dam, flooding the valley and drowning the creatures once and for all! But the debris-strewn streets between there and his lab are a dangerous place, especially with a giant mutant spider on the loose. Can he make it there in time? 

The set includes:

1. Giant mutant spider (with lime green pinchers)

2. Nuclear disposal site (with barrels and two regular spiders)

3. Ruined police car. 

4. Army soilder (with plunger and dynamite)

5. Dr Alan Crawshaw (with serum)

6. Policeman (with pistol)

7. Civilian


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