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Gold Rush


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My story.
There was 1855. The Californian Gold-rush in the heat. Oliver Longbeard and his brother Pitt Longbeard, known as "Fool Pitt" buy a small ground in the north of California for searches of gold and go there together with two assistants - Chris "Lucky" MacWood who arrived to searches of gold from Ireland and Karl Armstrong, the builder and in the past the machinist. Also with them the eleven-year-old grandnephew of Oliver Johnie Damme went to a way. 

On the site they constructed a small hut and dug out a spring. In excavation they were very lucky, as drew attention of the famous bandit Jeffrey Black and his gang - Indian Kotaktok and "False" Bill 

This project consists of 2656 bricks and contains 8 minifigures:
Oliver "Beard" Longbeard
Pitt "Fool" Longbeard
Chris "Lucky" MacWood
Karl "Machinist" Armstrong
Johnie Damme
Jeffrey Black
Indian Kotaktok
"False" Bill

I hope to you it will be pleasant, S&F is welcomed:)

Brick On for All!


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