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Batty and Friends: The Sandwich Man's escape!

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If you aren't familiar with Batty and Friends, see the original project here:


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This set made by my son (with some additions by me) takes place in the Batty and Friends universe. The set contains the Sandwich Man's car and a small flying vehicle for Batty and Benji. The car consists of 250 Lego pieces and can comfortably seat two minifigures. The flying Vehicle features two flick fire missiles. The set has the Sandwich Man, Priestley in his Black outfit plus Batty and Benji.

A good price for this set when released would be £15/$23

The set in action!

Here are the features in action. The steering wheel and gears are moveable when you pull on the front part!

So, do you like the model? Would you mind owning it? If so, be sure to click that big green button at the top of the page and take it 1 step further to becoming a set!

Be sure to also support the other Batty and Friends project (Link at the top of description)

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