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Operation: Steam Knights - Griffin Changeling


In a world of magic and a time of invention wise men, wizards, elves and dwarfs have fashioned suits of armour powered by magic and steam.  The men and creatures who pilot these machine like titans are known as the Steam Knights...

Operation: Steam Knights - Changeling "Griffin".

This set is a fully transformable knight to beast mech featuring a removable sword/tail and pilot minifig "Duke Nachtos".

It has over 20 points of articulation and is made up of a combination of technic and system pieces.


Duke Nachtos was for many years a member of the inner circle of Emperor Rex.  But he kept a dark secret, he was a follower of the Order of Umbrah, a sect dedicated to bringing back into the kingdom the demon of night.  To this end Nachtos manipulated the visions of the Wyvern Clan seers to see the dark days, but twisted the visions to show Emperor Rex and his knights were the ones to bring about the Night Demon's return and end the age of humans.

When the wicked duke's plans were revealed he was forced to flee the castle, seeking refuge with the Dark Elves .  Stealing from them the magic of the changelings he turned his armour into a powerful griffin, ready to defend himself against Rex and his knights.



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