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Formula 1 Race Car


My ideas on the car originated from my love for the Formula 1 car. I had always admired the beauty and ferocious speed of the vehicle and wished that I could capture it in a Lego project. Finally, after days of creating the image of what the car would look like in my mind, I started to build. At first the project was running smooth, and everything was flowing together, but by the second day of building, not everything was going exactly to plan. The home made engine was not going to fit and had to be shrunk down. A different approach to the body style had to be taken because the wheel wells needed to be bigger. And when the tires were put on, the car was lower in the back than in the front. But by the third day, the new modifications had been finished, and the car looked amazing. The design of this car is based on the Formula 1 car but does not strictly follow the exact body style. I would approach the set design with a careful attention to the details. A lot of times in Lego builds, it's the special details that catches a persons eye. For example, getting the engine to look realistic is something that kids love. They like to look at the car and see how close to reality it is. In this project, I payed attention to the little things on the car to make sure it looked as close to real as it could get. A lot of time and effort was put into the making of this car, so please take all of this into consideration. I hope you enjoy.

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