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Toyota Hilux Ute


Hi Everyone, this is my Lego Toyota Hilux Ute that I built on Lego Digital Designer.   I've built it digitally because i only have a small amount of lego and don't have alot of the newer useful parts used on this model.  This model is based off my Grandpas ute which he uses on his farm here in New Zealand.  He used to take us up to the top of the farm on the back of his ute. It holds alot of memories for me, so i wanted to replicate it in Lego.  He is going to sell it soon, so I think it would be really cool to see Lego make this into a set.  It would be a fun affordable and realistic set, and I believe would go well in any MOC that requires vehicles!  Thanks for taking the time to look at my model, and i'd be very grateful for your support!

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