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Micro-scale Eiffel Tower

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A reasonably-sized Eiffel Tower for lower budgets and younger age group.

The LEGO set 10181 (Eiffel Tower 1:300) is undeniably a great architecture design. However, it trades on EBay from 600 to 1500 euros (760 to 1900 US dollars!).

For those who'd like to build this monumental landmark but can't afford the monumental expense, I'd like to see a product offer with an affordable price tag, using same design but less bricks.

Also, I think it would be neat to lower the entry age so younger kids can have their Eiffel Tower too.

Children love to build towers. They start as babies, getting their hands on squares and boxes and stacking them up, just for the fun of toppling them down! And when they reach an "older" age, they keep building towers, not with the intent to destroy but for mere satisfaction of building something tall (and having their parents admire their creation :)

Looking forward to CUUSOO community feedback: thoughts, comments and ideas welcome :)