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Penny's Flat


This set is based on TV series The Big Bang Theory created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The set is based in the apartment of Penny. I have two pictures showing each side of the apartment better. One side including the kitchen with a shelf and fridge and the other includes the entrance door and the door to Penny's bedroom. The back wall has a table to eat at and a window with green curtains. The living room has a blue sofa and a green chair. It also comes with fully detailed shelves and tables. It also has a TV, microwave, fridge freezer, sink and sideboard. It has a breakfast bar and perfect table topped with plates and pizza!

I would say it's a medium project with 778 bricks. It is good idea to purchase this after purchasing "The Big Bang Theory 'Sheldon's Apartment'" As this does not contain any characters from the popular TV series.


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