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DC Heroes & Villians Chess Set


I wanted to create a chess set that was fun to look at, easy to play, and able to be transported without damage to the pieces.

Each corner is dedicated to a major city in the DC universe: Gotham, Metropolis, Paradise Island & Atlantis. Upon inspection, you may find some subtle hidden details within the architecture.

The large heroes are matched up to their appropriate villain. The pawns are a random collection of sub-heroes & villains.

The funnest part about this set is to see what character can take out another. There is another set of rules that apply to the super-fans of the comic.

For example, each character has a special move that can be performed once within the time of a game. Joker can take out a character next to him by detonating. Grodd can make a hero move with his telepathy. Martian Manhunter can move through a piece & so on.

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