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Luis' Van (From Ant Man)


80 more people in 50 days...

Thanks everyone for the help getting to 20 supporters! We only have 50 days left, and I need your help to get to 100! Please tell your friends about my project, and I'm sure we can do it!

I really do appreciate all your help! Keep on building!


More Mini-figs?/Come see my gallery!

I have two things to tell you guys; First off, I am thinking of trying to add Hank Pym and Scott's thief buddies (Sorry that I can't remember their names), as well as aa micro version of Pym labs. Tell me what you think- should I make another set or add to this one? I would love some feedback!

Also, I have my set and other builds by me on the LEGO marvel superheroes gallery. If you want to see those, you can go there.

Thanks for the continued support!

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