Horse Lorry

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Hey there this is my first project and the first draft of my horse lorry. My life is based around farming right now and my friends and I were very surprised to find that there is no horse lorry in the Lego city farming section. I feel this is a must have.

This has taken some time to design and this is the first draft of my lorry. The colour is bright which I like and even though all the blocks aren't the same colour don't worry I have ordered the pieces to make the colours work and to finish the bits I need to do.

This is just like an ordinary horse lorry except in Lego. I have included windows just like the real thing and have included a side ramp. the backdoor I will be changing so it will fit in more with the side door.

I am currently designing the cab and back gates. the back gates will no longer overlap. the cab will contain two seats, a steering wheel and all the buttons in the real thing. I am yet to decide if the cab will contain two back seats or a bed with curtains like in the real thing.

if this model is produced it will come with two horses, a rider and a lorry driver.if you have an ideas that may enhance my project please comment your ideas.
thanks and please support.

the side view of the lorry. it contains one side door and it also contains some windows.

A horse coming out the side door that I designed.

The kind of dividing gate but it will be longer that I am designing.

The back door and the gates I will also be finishing and changing.