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Haunted Bonsai Treehouse Microscale


Thanks as always for the view, drop me a link if you have a project you would like my evaluation on.

Since my Witch tree House design has had some of my best vote support to date at 57 votes in five days or so thus far (which is a 2000 piece larger size build) I decided to do a microscale version with a twist. I gave myself a 500 piece limit and think this turned out rather well at right at one forth the scale of the larger version which can be seen in the first image. The larger tree again is NOT part of this submission and just pictured here for scale. If you do like it and havent seen it yet, it can be found under my other projects, or link below.

Also my Roman Colosseum design was my first design to pass 100, but its listed under my old name which accidently got deleted. I have since made many improvements on the naval and land scenes and would like to see this new submission hit 100 as well, and at 72 votes with about 32 days left, I am still on solid pace to hit that goal, thanks in advance!

My goal here was to make something similar to the larger tree, with many similar design features, but several differences as well, again in much smaller scale. The big change being a haunted house theme, and the addition of the purple colors. I think this tree is roughly one forth the size of the larger one and again only 500 pieces used, versus the 2000 on the larger tree. I think they would display well side by side and the smaller tree compliments the larger one. I may do another to put on the other side of the larger tree, again with a slightly different theme. Or if you liked the larger one but thought it was too big, this may be the compact tree house design for your Lego world. I imagine it would list for only around 40 bucks, not a bank breaker by any means.

I also though the idea of placing it all inside a bonsai pot was a different idea tha thas not been done before to best of my knowledge, and why not as again a mini tree was the theme, so I thought it made sense. 

Note, the last three images shows the top of the tree hidden, as well as the upper branch and leaves in the last two pictures, so as one could see the way I designed the house itself, the windows, the door, etc..

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