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Supercharged Street Rod

The Supercharged Street Rod brings motion to life with a spinning Crankshaft and Blower pulleys. Its driveshaft with universal transfers power from the rear wheels as you push the vehicle. This model also features a suspended rear end connecting power to the ground via fat drag racing tires, with there notoriously narrow tire gap visable from the rear. The exposed radiator headlights and bumper can be easily clipped of for better view of the spinning pulleys or for a more Rat Rod appearance. Sidebyside seating is a must for any date night at the drive in theatre, just watch out for the ankle burner exhaust. Hotrods and big horsepower have naturally been an intrest of mine since I was a little boy. Set #854 which is still in its original box and parts tray has been the inspiration of many builds since my youth. Thank you for viewing my Supercharged Street Rod I appreciate your support. • as far as changes I'd love to see Bright blue for the body color. Some dark grey exhaust, matching color wheels and a black small lego elastic with a color mark on the belt would really finish it off.

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