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Tom Sawyer's Whitewashed Fence


"'Oh, shucks, I’ll be just as careful. Now lemme try. Say – I’ll give you the core of my apple.'

'Well, here – No, Ben, now don’t. I’m afeard – '

'I’ll give you all of it!'

Tom gave up the brush with reluctance in his face, but alacrity in his heart. And while the late steamer Big Missouri worked and sweated in the sun, the retired artist sat on a barrel in the shade close by, dangled his legs, and munched his apple."

This famous scene from the novel "Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain is recreated as a Lego bookend.  What better way to keep your classic books in line than with a classy Lego set.  Show off your Lego prowess and your love of fine literature with this "Literary Bookend." (Lego built books not included, but really, you knew that right?)

This set is the second project I have created capturing a scene from literature in the service of bookshelf organization.  Check out my first set from the Lord of the Rings, "Destruction of the Ring" at

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