Product Idea

Doctor Who and the Cybermen

I'm sure I was as excited as anyone to see the new Doctor Who play set designed by AndrewClark2. Congratulations to you and your project. There was just one thing on my mind, apart from being determined to get my hands on the new set as soon as possible. Where were the other Doctors? I know you can only do so much when designing a set, but this led me to the conclusion that if this set was allowed two Doctors, then there should surely be at least six other sets to make.

I therefore give you my Doctor Who and the Cybermen set. It is based around the tenth Doctor's series and includes the Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, a terrified Civilian (see photos) and two Cybermen. I don't own any Cybermen at this point as they are not available yet but I will update this as soon as I have them. 

So what's in this set? Well to the left side of the set is the pod where Civilians are turned into Cybermen. You can place the Civilian into the pod then turn the wheel above and they will transform into the terrifying metal figures we have grown to fear.

To the far right of the set are two hibernation chambers for the Cybermen to be stored in when they are not needed. In front of the chambers is a fun little Cyberman control desk with lots of buttons and leavers. Both the desk and the hibernation chambers can be easily detached for ease of use.

The centre piece of the play set is the Cyber controller's chair. You can sit him in the chair and then, pushing in the piece in the back of the set, cause the chair and the cyberman on it to be destroyed.

As shown in the photos, all of these elements can be easily detached and reattached in order for the user's ease. I hope this set proves as popular as the last few Doctor Who sets and hope that this isn't the last of them. Let me know in the comments what you think of it and how you think it can be improved. Which other Doctor do you think should be included if any? Thank you for taking the time to view my project.