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Danger Mouse - Mark IV aka 'Danger Car'


Bigger, Better Version of The Danger Car

I've released another better extended version of the submission, you can support here:

This version features two more characters, a much better car & a HQ display stand. 

Many thanks, Grapefruit Face.







I've Been Featured!

Hi, first of i'd like to thank the 23 supporters of the project, and for your kind & helpful comments. With that said it time for the update! I've been featured on a website, oh dear.

Basiclly this Lego Idea submission could be a lot better, and in-turn get me more support, there-for i am working on a massively improved version -with actual time & care put into it!- 

I've built the car (in-real life this time!) and designed some new digital minifigures, now I just have to work on taking the photos and editing them together. This improved one will have to be uploaded as a new submission, so i will have to start from 1 supporters again.  

I also recommend taking a browse through "worstoflegoideas" as it is quite a laugh and shows you what not to do. And who knows YOU may be next... 

Thanks once again for your support! Hopefully I can create a more higher quality submission, To do DangerMouse & Lego Proud, and you know get the thing on store shelves. 

I have also changed my name from Geoffrey Moustache to Grapefruit Face. So please stay tuned for a improved version of this project, when that's submitted i'll probably remove this one and the retro version.

Seeyah! Seeyah!