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Poison Flower


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Hi guys! With my Water Lily project expiring, I wanted to revisit the LEGO flower concept with a new model, something that could be built with real bricks. As much as I love the original Water Lily project, I decided to do something a little different with the concept. So…I present Poison Flower!

The Poison Flower model is 100% built with real, unmodified LEGO bricks in existing colors. Because the canopy pieces are in green, I decided that a toxic, poisonous flower model would be cool. I even “borrowed” the spider pieces from my kid! It is a build of medium difficulty, and I am aiming for an audience of older children and up. There are less than 250 bricks in my real brick version, and an idealized version in LDD could have the brick count down to just over 200 bricks. I think it might retail somewhere in the $20 to $30 range, since the brick count is relatively low and the concept is original.

Please take a look and consider supporting! And please follow and share! If you think the project is really cool, and you are feeling motivated, any promotion will be helpful since it’s a little tough for original projects to get traction.

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Much Thanks, BuildFiend :)