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Gummy Bears


The Last Gummy Set


Gummytube Video

Have you seen yet the Gummy Bears video in Youtube?

If you don´t support the project after seeing this wonder, you´ll never support... but try!!


Lost Projects Files #1: Simon & Gummys

Some projects are not submited for different reasons. I ever self-censure myself, don´t ask me about the project called 50 Gray Shadows, it was very hot...I mean dirty...

But sometimes the project can´t be submitted cause copyrights. This is the case of this Simon project.

Not submited bud plubished right here right now...


As you can see, my gummys appear everywhere...

Hope you like it.


Set by set

Going to 20 supporters with this new set...

But as I always say, the important thing is the Gummy miniminifigures...


Trinkets and other Merchandising

Gummys are very useful, and no glue is needed!!


Another New Set

Gummies go to Palm Street!!


DUPLO Versión

Maybe the kids could do a better appreciation of this treasure...


Extended Set First Attempt

It was a poor flower set, I know. So i´m trying new sets but keeping the important thing...

You have never seen so lovely bears before!


Just the Origins

My first idea was to create the gummies as similar as posible with the original candies... I made a photocomposition of my idea using bear heads and minibodies.


But LEGO IDEAS doesn´t create anything... I mean they don´t create new bricks so I had to use these lovely bears (head+body)


In the next update... maybe a best scenery. I need you support!