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Jason's Attack Jet/Boat


Zoom of while defending yourself with Jason's Attack Jet/Boat. This set comes with The Jet/Boat, One minifigure, Jason and his gun. Like the name implies it can be used as a jet and a boat which has laser cannons (Does not shoot) and flick fire missiles. Reasons you should support this project:

  • If you like the idea
  • If you like the design and/or model of the vehicle
  • If you like weaponized vehicles

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions like if you think I should any weapons than feel free to leave them in the comments section. Please support this, share it with friends and/or share it on social media to help get more people to support this and bring Jason's weaponized vehicle to life!  (The main picture has a different background to to the picture's size issue, base plate not included.)

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