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4x4 and trailer fully equipped.


This is a project comprising about 500-600 bricks. I let myself be carried away by spontaneous inspiration while designing this model quality accessible to both young and adults, all that can be conditioned through two separate lots.


4x4 and trailer are voluntarily cleaned for more design. I chose colors that seem rather matched. The final result is very design.


The assembly includes a number of playable functions:
- 2 minifigures and 1 dog
- Convertible 4x4 for more accessibility minifigures
- Retractable trailer hitch
- Tow cable
- Walk or wheel to park the trailer
- Back of the folding trailer


The assembly is provided with a very detailed equipment. This is the case:
- Passenger 4x4
- Roof rack
- Trunk
- Compressor front of the trailer
- Generator roof
- Fan assembly
- Comfortable interior of the trailer


Here, I hope you enjoy this set as much as I took pleasure in imagining and building it.

Best regards.

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