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The Mighty Helicarrier

The long waited LEGO Helicarrier is here.....
Now finally LEGO/Avengers fans can rejoice together as this mighty ship comes forth!
At last, the minfigure Nick Fury doesn't have to use LEGO taxicabs to get around. At last, the Lego Chitauri can quake in fear!
Now, at last, A person that is taking time to look at this mere LEGO Cuusoo page, and could be a potential voter!

You, for some reason clicked on this page. It could have been because you thought a LEGO helicarrier would be awesome, maybe it was the great name for this project, or you just clicked on this page by accident and decided to look around.

But what ever the reason, keep looking. I have so much more to show you........

Please dont scroll down just yet! look up here.
There is the iconic command bridge. There in front of it is the not-so-iconic twin guns.

As you can now see, the deck of the carrier can open to reveal the bridge of the ship......And also Iron Man is down there too.
(I wonder what he is doing.)

And to your right we have a back view of the bridge along with the engines.
Sorry that the picture is so blurry. Iron Man bumped the camera.

This here is a picture of the Helicarrier just looking great.

Now this here ends our tour. Any questions? yes, you in the back. Please leave questions in the comments below. I'll try my best to answer them.

And before you go. Just click on the support button on the top right of the page. If you do not know what it does, all the better. All that matters is your clicking of it.
Because your clicking of the button could very well make this idea a reality!
And we all know how AWSOME that would be!

So, with out further ado.....Thank you for your support! If you are not supporting, get to it so I can thank you!

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