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Disney's It's A Small World


It's A Small World actually was An attraction in many fairs. The attraction got more popular than first. So they delivered the Idea to the Disney park at 1966. There was when the attraction got a castle in the front with singing dolls and more visits. And they leaved it there.The whole clock tower is actually 10 feet high! In 2008,They closed it for a year to put More dolls. Not normal dolls... Dolls from Disney movies! Then, in 2009 they reopened it as a refurbishment in the ride. In 1971, the attraction got painted Blue.Then rainbow, and now... White! The paint got dirty and dirty So they closed it Again so they paint the whole clock tower and background so it doesn't look dirty at all... The attraction's original name was gonna be "Choir Children" But they suddenly changed it to "It's A Small World After All!" cause the song.And Secrets: yellow parts on front of small world actually are gold pieces... , There are three hidden mickeys in/on the attraction. , It's A Small World has 50 years old in Disneyland.


Lego set description:

This set contains 228 total pieces.Includes Mini ride and boat in the set.

Not for children under 3 or less ages! This is a mini set! NOT micro set.

Took 3 days to finish.Also, please support or comment in this project and enjoy!

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