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HUGE ISS 1/28 (non definitive)


NEW PHOTOS ! Focus on each modules.

Hello Lego Builders, and Supporters, As promised, new details about modules of ISS.

Notice that the entire model only represent exterior visual, and have to be suspended. But interior custom is still possible, because every modules are hollow. 

Finitions still not finished, remain stuff to do : stickers, right colors bricks, exposed facilities on truss, Russian solar arrays (panels), skin tissues, math center of mass, miscs. Larger photos and blueprints reference are availables on this album

Hope you like this project. Don't miss next update. Cu


November 2nd of 2015 : 15yrs of Continuous Human Presence aboard ISS

Today is the 15th birthday of continuous human presence aboard ISS. A new picture Thanks for the first 53 supporters !!!
Some details will be shown on next update.

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