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HUGE ISS 1/28 (non definitive)


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International Space Station (ISS) replica
Actual modules configuration oct. 2015. ~1/28 scale
Exterior appearance only, non-habitable pressurised modules, but hollow.

Russian zone : Zaria lab, Zvezda lab, Rassvet lab, Pirs & Poisk docking + 2 Soyuz ; 
Non-Russian zone : Unity Node1, PMA-1, PMA-2, PMA-3, Z1 truss, Destiny US Lab, Harmony Node2, Kibo lab, Colombus (ESA), Leonardo permanent Cargo, Exposed facilities, Cupola obeservation dome, Canadarm, Canadarm2 + HTV Cargo
Trusses with 2 moving HRS Radiators on S1-P1,
2 Radiators & 4 double solar arrays on P5S5-P6S6, trusses blocks orientable. 
and Dextre* wagon moving between S0/S1-P1 trusses. 

Over 11'000 bricks, 150 hours on LDD extended, 600 shapes, finishing in progress.
Missing : Dressing Tissues, Stickers, Dextre arm, Truss Exposed Facilties, right colors.
Definitive dimensions.
transversal dimensions from solar arrays port and starboard 480 knobs  = 384,1 cm
longitudinal dimensions from zveda to forward solar arrays 384 knobs = 307.2 cm

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