Mantis religiosa

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Mantis religiosa or praying mantis, famous predacious insect. Above life-size.

In the pose pictured above it's about 29 cm long, 26 cm wide, and 31 cm high.
Approximately 220 pieces were used (a good half on the legs).

It could fit in a potential Lego insect series. A green measuring worm might come next.

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More pictures:

Waiting for prey:

Author: 12-year-old Martin. His mother helped a bit with the hinges.

- Edit on 1st September 2013 -
To every supporter: Thank you.
Thanks to GlenBricker for including us in one of his Daily Cuusoo blogposts last week.
And here is 2nd version of the mantis, which Martin built on account of the comments to correct it a little bit anatomically - the back part was made longer, a hint of wings was added, and the legs were slightly improved:

It's about 250 pieces now.