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Country → City

A man runs from the countryside to the city. The man has no head. What happened to him? He looks very busy.
This model is divided into two main themes: country and city. 
The country is very quiet. There are cute houses and the harmony with nature is beautiful. As you go down that country road, you suddenly come across a big sign. A welcome sign at the entrance to the city. As you enter the city, streetlamps are shining everywhere. High-rise buildings are competing for height with each other. There is an art museum, a subway station and even a square. 

Country and city are very different. If you look closely, you will find urban elements in the country. There is a wind turbine that provide electricity to the city, and there is a bus stop to get to the city. City influences are now reaching the countryside.

This LEGO set contains a total of 347 bricks.
Measures approximately 26 cm wide and 13 cm deep.
*There are some fluorescent bricks and chrome silver bricks.

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